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Snow and Dreams

Feb. 20, 2013
We got a beautiful snow yesterday; about 6 inches.  A second front of sleet and rain turning to ice came in overnight and this morning.  Tuesday the sun was shining and the daffodills were happy.  Today they are freezing in the snow.


The garden is covered in snow, of course…

I truly wish I knew how to drive a tractor I would have this disked up by now and several times before now.  My brother keeps saying he will do it and then things get in the way.  I am afraid I’m going to have to till this grass covered garden with my mini tiller. HUH!  Perhaps my Dad, even with his slight dementia can get the old large tiller started with my help.

I plan on using just a quarter of what you see here for the garden this year.  My plans are to condense the plants closer together and do some companion planting.  I’ve read about it a few times and will have to read up again so I’ll know which plants grow well side by side.