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Welcome to this years gardening adventure.

Currently the garden is covered in Bermuda grass and crab grass.  It needs tilling desperately but I am beholden to my brother to disk it with the tractor for me; whenever that will be.  The width of the garden is about 200 ft. and about 100 ft. tall.  Last year I only used about 1/2 of that and this year I plan to only use 1/4 of it.   My goal is to condense the garden by planting things closer together leaving just enough room for my mini-tiller to get down the rows.

I’ve not planned the garden yet, but I have bought my corn seeds.  An elderly person I met said they always grew Silver Queen corn with great results so I decided to give it a try.  Here in my part of the world our Wal-Mart has just put out some of their gardening stuff; along with the seeds.  I thought I should find my specific corn seeds now instead of waiting until the seeds were picked through.

If you followed my blog last year I welcome you back and look forward to sharing our gardening experiences together again.

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