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Plans, Plans and Then Change of Plans

I’d like to apologize for not posting much.  I’ve been having trouble with ye olde  home computer; seems the internet is out growing it.  I’ve recently acquired a lap top, but it doesn’t plug into the phone line at home (I have dial-up ’cause satellite is $50 plus a month :O(  ).  Any way  with life so busy with taking care of my father I don’t get to come to the library except once or twice a week to use their wi-fi.  Posts this year may be sporadic, but I will be posting and growing that garden.

I’ve been doing alot of research lately on raised beds and companion gardening.  With my father unable to drive the old tractor and my brother tooo busy to use his, to disk the garden, I’ve had to make other plans.  I’ve an arthritic knee and standing for long periods is not any fun.  Deciding to use raised beds this year will make gardening easier on me; for example: no grass and no tilling.  The only downfall will be I won’t be canning large amounts of green beans.

I found a great Companion Planting Guide on Wikipedia and at the Frugal Dad website, in depth (easy) info on making a raised bed and square foot gardening. Here: http://frugaldad.com/2012/04/30/square-foot-gardening-how-to-get-started-for-50-infographic

I’ve used his information as a launching pad for my own ideas.  I’ve decided to make two beds each 8ft.x4ft.; using the height and width he recommends for the boards (10″x2″).

The soil mixture was a problem and I hope I’ve chosen wisely.  I did lots of research; reading bags at Wal Mart and Home Depot, reading article after article on several websites and news boards.  As far as the Net goes everyone has their own opinion what works for them.  One person who grows tomatoes uses “about 1/2 to 2/3rds ProMix and the rest compost”.  I liked this one, but couldn’t find any bags of compost at the 5 places I looked. A humus and cow manure mix was available at Wal Mart but after researching this I decided I was skeptical about it.  If you’re wondering what Humus is, it’s not the food, Wikipedia has good info on it.

I decided to use Miracle Grow gardening soil and Scotts Top Soil.  I’m not sure how much to buy for my two beds so I bought 4 bags if each.  I’ve a feeling I’ll be buying more.

Tomorrow after work I’ll be going to my local Ace Hardware to get the lumber and screws for the frame.  I’m hoping to get them constructed before the day ends.  We are expecting showers here in my neck of AR for the next couple of days.  Saturday we’ll be getting a new metal roof put on the house.  I am soooooo excited, about this!

I bought Sparkler radish, Danvers carrot, Great Lakes lettuce, and lettuce leaf basil seeds today. The plan for the basil is to put it in a long flower box and sit it outside the gardening frame next to the tomatoes.  According to the Wikipedia info about Companion Planting, ‘studies have show that growing basil around 10 inches from tomatoes can increase the yield of tomatoes by about 20%’. Doesn’t hurt to give it a go.  I can always make Pesto. :O)