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Waiting on the Weather & Raised beds

Well, we haven’t had the snow that some have been having but the morning frosts have been on and off here in my corner of AR.
Been busy working, taking care of elderly Dad, sort of helping put a new metal roof on the house, and assorted housework related things. Excuses for not up dating in a timely manner. ūüôā

Two weekends ago my father helped me put together one of the raised beds and we drilled the holes for the screws to go in the other one; leaving it to finish
another day.
Don’t ya just love our work bench?

Once together we¬†used the Pick-Up to take the¬†frame up into the garden. (In background you’ll see yellow on the ground; that’s my bags of Miracle Grow garden soil.¬† We placed the frames up near the bags.)¬† The whole dead grass area used to be our garden, but I am simplifying this year.

I must share with you that this raised garden business is costing me some $’s.¬† I do realize that once I get it all set up¬†I won’t have to spend anymore on dirt and wood, but!
Wood and screws for both frames:  $48
Dirt to fill two frames:  $88 (so far anyway)
Weed control plastic sheeting: $16

I may need more dirt.¬† I filled one of the frames Sat. evening with the nine bags of Top Soil and 5 bags of Miracle Grow I had and it doesn’t look full enough.¬† I purchased the same amount for the other frame and will be filling it up tonight.¬† Rain is in the forecast for tonight.¬† I’m sure the soil will settle in the frames, once it’s wet,¬†and I’ll be able to tell if I need to spend¬† more $’s on dirt.
((Pics to follow later.))

I hope everyone who planted early is having success with their garden.